5 Seconds of Summer/ Palaye Royale

5 Seconds Of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin, Palaye Royale rock NYE set

The show took place on New Year's Eve

January 2, 2020
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In a night of good old fashioned rock and roll, we got to see 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin team up with Palaye Royale. The night features a host of videos of a slew of bands covering classic hits such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen to “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin.

The event was NYE 2020: A Rock + Roll Carnival at the Taix Champagne Room. The most special performance of the night was when Remington Leith and Sebastian Danzig teamed up with the 5SoS drummer to play “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges and “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.

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We’re familiar with the fact that Ashton of 5 Seconds of Summer and Palaye Royale are close. A couple of months ago we found out that Irwin let Palaye Royale record most of The Bastards in his home while he was away.

On New Year’s Eve we were finally treated to some content starring Irwin and the members of Palaye Royale including one of the new faces in the band Andrew Martin.

We even get to see Danzig playing a right-handed guitar backward which is some next-level shit. The footage also shows producer Matthew Pauling playing guitar.

Below is more footage of the 5 Seconds of Summer blasting beats with Remington Leith.



Both Palaye Royale and 5 Seconds of Summer are having a field day with this collaboration. Check out some reactions below.

What would you have done to see these awesome covers? Do you think there will be a 5 Seconds of Summer and Palaye Royal collaboration soon? Sound off below.

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Written by Koltan Greenwood