We’re sure we weren’t the only ones hoping to hear new music from 5 Seconds Of Summer this year, and it turns out that we might not have to wait too much longer for that new album.

“Our fans were pretty pissed off that we didn't give them an update about releasing an album this year because towards the start of the year, we were pretty positive we'd have an album out by the end of [2017],” guitarist Michael Clifford tells Billboard.

“With timing, it just didn't end up working, but we're definitely gonna have the album out next year.”

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And that’s a Christmas gift we wanted and needed! He explains that the band needed this time to “perfect the new song and direction” they’re taking, wanting to make sure it’s a final product that they’ll be happy with.

“I think when all the new stuff comes out, it's like a departure of our old sound but it still keeps elements of all of the things we liked about it. It was just time for us to change,” Clifford tells Billboard. “We're at a point now where we're almost ready to put out our first single.”

And though he says it’s hard to describe their new sound, they’re not going to say it’s more electronic, and it’s not just “rock.” As Clifford explains, it’s all about the energy—and 5SOS definitely don’t lack that.

Pulling from a mix of ‘90s influences, with everything from gang vocals “kind of like the Beastie Boys” and somber piano songs, we know we're stoked for that first single.

“It's not necessarily more electronic; it's not just rock… That's the thing with rock and punk music—it's always mainly been about energy, you know what I mean?” Clifford says.

“Rock music isn't just how you play it, it's the energy that comes from that. And I think we've always had that and tried to keep that. And that's something that conveys pretty well into the new stuff.”

Clifford says the single is to be expected “really, really early in the new year,” so you know we’ll be excitedly waiting to hear their new music—and their new, more energetic sonic direction.

5 Seconds Of Summer released their last album, Sounds Good Feels Good in 2015, and it looks like 2018 is set to be 5SOS' year.

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