Your favorite pop-punk (boy) band and former AP cover stars 5 Seconds Of Summer will release their highly anticipated studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good, October 3 via Hi Or Hey Records/Capitol Records. (Pre-orders will launch this coming Friday, August 14.)

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The LP, which was produced by both John Feldmann (All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls) and Mike Green (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Breathe Carolina), features 14 tracks. The lead single, “She’s Kinda Hot,” was released in July, while another track, ”Fly Away,” will be available as an instant download upon pre-order.

Artwork and track listing can be found below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Track listing:

1. Money
2. She's Kinda Hot
3. Hey Everybody!
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Jet Black Heart
6. Catch Fire
7. Waste The Night
8. Vapor
9. Castaway
10. Fly Away
11. Invisible 
12. Airplanes
13. San Francisco
14. Outer Space / Carry On