[Photo by: Facebook/7-Eleven]

In one of the more surprising beauty launches we’ve seen, 7-Eleven has officially launched its own cosmetics brand. If you’re stopping for a slurpee, you might as well pick up a concealer while you’re at it, right?

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Called Simply Me Beauty, every product in the collection is under $5. Said products include mascara, concealer, blush, lipsticks and more.

And while it might seem odd, think about it: How many times have you forgotten to pack your mascara on a long journey? Or wanted to reapply your fave color of lipstick on a late night out?

“Convenience isn’t always just about a quick stop for something to eat and drink,” said Jack Stout, 7‑Eleven senior vice president of merchandising. “7‑Eleven tries to offer our customers solutions for lots of different needs. We believe that for many, this top quality line of cosmetics and cosmetic accessories can become regular purchases in addition to fill-in stops.”

That’s right—it’s kind of genius. See a few of the products below:

[Photo by: 7-Eleven]

The assortment of 40 items are stocked in select 7-Eleven stores, and it’s set to be available everywhere soon enough—all priced between $3 and $5.

Will you be giving 7-Eleven's beauty products a try? Let us know in the comments below!