In September, U2 partnered with Apple to release a free album, titled Songs Of Innocence, to all 500 million iTunes users worldwide. Yesterday, exactly one month since you discovered the album in your iTunes library, Apple revealed the statistics to allow everyone to see how the free record was received.

To be blunt, it did pretty well. Apple's senior VP of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, told Billboard that Songs Of Innocence was downloaded in full 26 million times and over 81 million customers physically engaged in listening to the record. The latter figure includes streams from all of iTunes, iTunes Radio and Beats Music. 

Cue added, “To help put this into perspective, prior to this, 14 million customers had purchased music from U2 since the opening of the iTunes Store in 2003.” 

While you may not have been happy to see the album appear in your iTunes, it's hard to dispute these numbers. What do you think? Would you call the endeavor a success? Or would you rather never find a random album in your music library again?