A Martin Scorsese film about the Ramones is in the works

August 27, 2014
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Following the death of iconic drummer Tommy Ramone, the owners of the Ramones’ estate have announced some big plans for the band’s legacy going forward, including a film directed by Martin Scorsese.

Billboard reports that other Ramones projects coming include a documentary, theatrical play, book, reissues, fashion and “music placement.”

Jeff Jampol, who manages the band’s estate, explains the documentary to Billboard: “The 40th anniversary of the Ramones is coming up in 2016, that’s when the first album came out. So we have a lot of projects leading up to that. We’re looking at a documentary on the Ramones, we just secured a ton of footage, much of which has never been seen before. It came from the Ramones on the road over the years in the Seventies and a little bit in the Eighties.”

On the book, he adds, “You’ll see a book coming, which is not a biographical book so much, but a story of the band’s formation and those first few records and that craziness that happened. It’ll be a combination of prose, photographs and memorabilia and posters, just kind of documenting the scene. The Ramones were the first punk band and they started the punk movement.”

So far, nothing more has been revealed about the film, other than the fact that director Martin Scorsese is attached. Read more from Billboard:

“The documentary is just one of several projects in the works. Among the others are a theatrical play, a book and a film, which already has Oscar-winning directorMartin Scorsese attached.”

Watch the Ramones perform live in 1977:

Written by Matt Crane