Chino Hills, California act A Thorn For Every Heart were putting out their best material in the heydey of the mid-2000s screamo scene. Their debut full-length, Things Aren't So Beautiful Now, was released in 2004 and gained the band a lot of attention on sites like SmartPunk and PureVolume. Despite several lineup changes within the band, they went on to tour actively and record a second-full-length record, titled It's Hard To Move You, and a subsequent EP, Pick Up The Pieces, which served as the band's final release. However, due to some changes with their label, Kickball Records, the sophomore LP, which was recorded with Mark Hoppus, ended up being shelved and never officially released. 

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Now, eight years later, the band are attempting to get It's Hard To Move You released and have set up a care2 petition that needs 1,000 signatures. You can read their message from the petition below.

The Second Record from the band A Thorn For Every Heart (It's Hard to Move You), was set to be released on July 31, 2007. It was recorded with record producer Matt Squire. Later, due to the demand of their label Interscope, they returned to the studio with Mark Hoppus and recorded two songs that completed the record. . It's Hard to Move You leaked in its entirety on June 1, 2007. However, their record label, Kickball Records, was closed by its parent company Interscope Records, leaving the record shelved. The record has never seen the light of day and we want fans to be able to have the record that the band worked so hard on so long ago.

If you need an ATFEH refresher (or introduction), you can stream part two of the title track to 2004's Things Aren't So Beautiful Now below. Make sure to seek out the full album though; it's a gem.