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Aaron Gillespie shared an emotional tweet in response to a fan who accused Underoath of selling out.

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The fan wrote a comment on the musician's Instagram page, saying Gillespie has been an inspiration for most of his life but he isn't happy with how Underoath's latest record, Erase Me, turned out.

“Y'all sold out. This album is not Underoath.” the fan wrote. “It's no coincidence myself as well as thousand other fans see this.”

“I get it, we're all getting older now,” he continued. “But y'all put zero thought into your FANS with this album.”

Gillespie shared a screenshot of the message on Twitter, with some heartfelt words. 

“We are people too. We read. We hurt,” the drummer wrote. “We also spent more time on Erase Me than on any other record we've made.”

Telle Smith saw Gillespie's tweet and decided to weigh in on the discussion.

“Who the fuck goes from “more than a hero to me” to completely insulting the emotional and creative energy put into music,” The Word Alive frontman wrote. “Y’all need to chill on this “sold out” shit and wake the fuck up.”

Smith continued, pointing out Underoath is not only a inspiration to many bands, but also important to many fans.

“There isn’t a single song on Erase Me that I don’t see the big picture of what Underoath was is and will be,” he continued. “Without Underoath bands like mine might not exist.”

The musician says he believes more people are listening to hip-hop and rap than rock because people “support what they love and don't worry about the rest.”

Check all of his tweets below:

Describing Underoath’s new album as “controversial” is like saying detonating an atomic bomb in your front yard will kill your grass. Indeed, from the high-velocity acceleration of the first single, “On My Teeth,” to the metalcore progenitors’ attitude toward their art, their lives and each other, fans have been embracing or trying to fathom where the band are coming from on Erase Me.

In the March issue of AP, the band talk about everything from the stress fractures that had set in between them, all the way to their reunion tour and the music they’ve made to celebrate their reconvening.

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