Abandon Kansas are streaming the lead single, “I Hope God Don’t Mind If We Talk Awhile,” from their impending new album, alligator. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think!

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Vocalist Jeremy Spring had this to say regarding the new phase of Abandon Kansas:

I can't wait for everyone to hear, and not because I think they are going to like it. This one is for the fan's the way a cheese wrapped pill is for my dog. It’s honest, but I don’t know if it’s truth. I want them to eat these songs right up and zoom in on the juicy parts, because I left them in there for everyone to see, nothing's covered up. I'm hoping the rest of my generation can step up next to me and give their very best shot at whatever they are good at to keep bringing hope to a darkening world, ‘cause I'm only really good at a few things, singing and being honest. I know I won't be able to burn this consumerist self-serving church to the ground by myself.

alligator is due out on May 12 via BadChristian Records.