AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was detained by police (again) Thursday. The musician was taken to court after getting into a public altercation at a Coffee shop, which violated the conditions of his bail.

Last month, Rudd was arrested for drugs, threatening to kill someone and allegedly trying to hire a hitman. (The last charge was eventually dropped.) According to Loudwire, Rudd’s coffee shop confrontation was with a potential witness to his upcoming trial, wherein lies the problem.

New Zealand’s Stuff has an account of the bizarre incident:

“Before the hearing, a witness said that today's incident happened outside Columbus coffee shop in the Gate Pa shopping centre.

Staff said Rudd was involved in a dispute with a “huge guy.”

“He (Rudd) was all up in the guy's face,” a waitress said.

The man pushed Rudd in the chest.

“He fell backwards over our sign and landed in the cafe. There was food and stuff everywhere,” another worker said.

At that point Rudd “went nuts.”

The musician’s lawyer said of the incident, “It was a meeting with somebody he wasn’t meant to associate with in a shop. It was a chance meeting and then there was contact from that.”

Rudd is due back in court February 10.