Brian Johnson AC/DC
[Photo by: Brian Johnson/Elfast/Wikimedia Commons]

The second lead singer for AC/DC may find his way back to the band very shortly. According to Loudwire, Brian Johnson’s return is looking more likely by the day.

Back in 2016 on the band’s Rock Or Bust tour, Johnson was forced to leave, as he risked complete hearing loss. At the time, the frontman was replaced by Guns N’ RosesAxl Rose.

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Now, DJ Eddie Trunk says “reliable sources” revealed Johnson has plans to tour with the band once again.

“I think AC/DC—it’s pretty much a done deal that these guys are gonna make a record, or have made a record, and a record is gonna come out,” Trunk says. “I have sources that have told me that they are absolutely going to tour with Brian back again. That’s all unconfirmed from their camp, but I had it from some reliable sources.

“I think it’s pretty much a done deal that AC/DC at the very least are going to release some sort of record and it’ll be some sort of record and it’ll be some sort of tribute to Malcolm [Young] just like Back In Black was a tribute to Bon [Scott],” Trunk continues. “So I have no doubt about that and I’m pretty confident they’re probably going to do shows as well. But I think at this point it’s pretty much just when they announce it.”

You can listen to the full interview with Trunk below.

A few months back, Consequence Of Sound reported that Terrorizer ran into Johnson at an airport. At the time, Johnson allegedly said he was “tired of denying” that he was back with AC/DC.

You can read the full post below.

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