AC/DC drive-thru FizzyPops3434
[Photo via YouTube]

A truly glorious YouTube video from 2013 has resurfaced. While user FizzyPops3434 is no stranger to the drive-thru prank, his take on AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” is so bad, it’s good.

Following a recent share from Loudwire, the video has begun to get more traction. The video depicts the prankster pulling up to various drive-thru windows and singing the rock band’s classic hit into the speaker… sort of.

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In the video, FizzyPops3434 changes all of the words to match his order. However, the Youtuber didn’t seem to put much thought into the lyricism.

However, we have to give the guy some credit; He doesn’t break character once. From placing the order all the way through pick-up, the creator continues “covering” the song. Additionally, he brings a smile to the drive thru-employees’ faces.  

Watch the ridiculousness unfold below.

Additionally, the channel has done similar pranks with other rock favorites such as Ozzy Osborne. Check out the YouTuber doing 20 rock star impressions below.

The YouTuber also seems to be a big wrestling fan, as the song following “Thunderstruck” is Spike Dudley’s theme song. His channel is also filled with pranks relating to WWE. Check out more videos from FizzyPops3434 here.

What do you think of FizzyPops3434’s pranks? Sound off in the comments below.

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