Raven The Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness
[Photos via Raven/YouTube, Raven The Acid Bath Princess/@ravenisaposer on TikTok]

It looks like Raven, The Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness is dropping the first bombshell of 2021.

In her first video in years, the online personality reveals just how she managed the troll the internet for nearly 13 years.

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In the late 2000s, Raven, The Acid Bath Princess and her sidekicks Tara and Azer set the stage for all of the Hot Topic-shopping emos out there. The duo shared a series of YouTube videos filled with angst, theories about that fanfiction My Immortal, and, of course, plenty of My Chemical Romance.

However, it looks like Raven managed to troll the internet for over a decade. On Jan. 2, Raven resurfaced on TikTok to confirm that her online persona was completely “fake.”

“Y’all got trolled for almost thirteen years, the videos are fake,” she says.

@ravenisaposerHi, I’m the real Raven. Y’all got trolled for almost 13 years.♬ original sound – Raven, the Acid Bath Princess

Raven also shared a lengthy Instagram video confirming that her online persona was all an act.

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“After years and years of silence and secrecy, I am here to tell the truth,” she says. “The videos were fake, every single one of them. Tara and Raven were comedy characters I created when I was 17 in order to troll unsuspecting people on the internet. It turns out, it worked.”

Raven goes on to say that 2021 will be filled with videos detailing the actual story behind Raven The Acid Bath Princess Of The Darkness. As well, she will be sharing never-before-seen visuals from her early days of filming.

“The whole journey from 2007 when we first our first videos all the way up to 2021 has been a wild wild ride,” she continues. “Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to be releasing some videos that go a little bit more in detail as to the actual story. I am also going to be releasing some behind-the-scenes footage, never-before-seen photos and some videos that we filmed that we never ended up releasing because we thought it was way too obvious that they were fake. We didn’t want to blow our cover.”

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In the Instagram video, Raven also clarifies a few things. To start, she and Tara did not write that infamous Harry Potter fanfiction.

“We didn’t write My Immortal,” Raven says. “We didn’t even know My Immortal was a thing until after our videos had been published.”

Raven also offers an update on Tara and Azer.

“Tara and Azer are still alive,” she says. “Tara never expected the videos to go viral and prefers to stay out of the limelight. She just does not have social media of any sort. So, you haven’t found her because she doesn’t have an online presence. It’s that simple, doesn’t mean she’s dead. Azer is a musician and producer working under the name Neutraloneder.”


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While we wait for Raven to drop those nostalgic unseen videos, one of her and Tara’s most iconic videos can be streamed below.

What are your reactions to Raven The Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness making a return? Did you think her online persona was real after all these years? Let us know in the comments below.