In a hard rock/horror collab of epic proportions, iconic horror director/writer/producer Adam Green has created his own label, ArieScope Records, an imprint that will be manufactured, marketed and distributed by EMP Label Group, which was founded by Megadeth’s David Ellefson.

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The first release for ArieScope Records will be Ghosts Of Salem, a special live release from Green’s own band Haddonfield, set for a digital release Sept. 15, with a limited edition LP set to be released, fittingly, on Friday, Oct. 13.

Haddonfield formed in the late ‘90s, and after his film career took off, he put it on the backburner, making this his opportunity to bring it back to the forefront.

“I’m honored to partner with EMP for this new musical division of ArieScope Pictures,” Green says.

“As a lifelong metal and hard rock fan, I’ve always found ways to bring the music and the artists I love into my various film and television projects but I’ve missed performing music myself in a huge way over these last several years. Starting an ArieScope imprint label, bringing Haddonfield back to the forefront, and getting to work with people I admire like David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert is just incredible.”

Green is a cult icon within the horror genre, writing and directing 10 feature films, including the successful Hatchet franchise, where he created the modern day slasher icon “Victor Crowley.” 

In addition, Green’s production company, ArieScope Pictures, which was established in 1998 has been a leader in the horror genre for 2 decades.

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