[Photo by: ADcase]

There’s no end to the frustration of a cracked phone screenone mistake drop and you’re already pulling out your wallet. Luckily, a brand new product on the market is looking to save everyone the hassle.

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Created by German engineering student Philip Frenzel, the ADcase (AD standing for “active damping”) is a specialized phone case that acts as a ‘mobile airbag.’

As described by Mashable, the case “deploys springy, spider-like legs as it starts to fall,” thus saving your screen from impactingor even touchingthe ground. It offers 360 degree protection, and the legs, sensors and hard shell are all packaged in an extra slim design.

The invention won Frenzel the 2018 award from the German Society for Mechatronics, and already has its own website. Now patented, the ADcase will be heading to Kickstarter sometime this month.

Watch video for the product below:

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