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Despite championing 37 drag queens on the cover of their Pride Month edition, New York Magazine has come under fire for the way they presented their cover stars within the pages of the issue.

The cover stars and other queens were ranked in an article titled “The Most Powerful Drag Queens In America,” which placed 100 drag stars into tiers, labeled “The Tops,” “The Upper Tier,” “The Mid-Tier” and “The Bottoms.”

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Monét X Change, Nina West and former AltPress cover star Adore Delano appeared on The View to discuss the “problematic” article.

For me the big issue was that this is the beginning of pride month, not to mention the Stonewall 50 [year anniversary], we are all celebrating amazing strides,” Xchange says. “Ranking us like that, in top-tiers, middle-tiers, bottom-tiers, it’s so gross.”

West echoed the sentiments of X Change and many upset members of the community, stressing that Pride Month is a time to bring people together rather than separate.

“Ranking them only gives fodder for fans to kind of tear us apart and put us against one another,” West says. “We’re going into pride month trying to celebrate and lift our community up and here’s an article that seemingly on the surface is really incredible, and that’s amazing to be featured on the cover of the New York magazine, but then we’re like dividing ourselves up again.”

You can see the clip below.

Delano also sounded off on the issue, saying she had no idea about the rankings until they were posted.

“It’s very problematic in our community,” Delano says.

You can watch the full segment below.

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