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This month, some Aerie customers began noticing free tape measures included with their purchases.

Now, the company is being criticized by customers who believe the tape measures go against Aerie’s body positivity campaign.

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American Eagle Outfitters‘ Aerie brand has been around since 2006. In recent years, the company has worked to break down barriers and promote body positivity within the industry. Most recently, Aerie announced that it is no longer retouching its photos. As well, all future campaigns will include various body types that better represent customers.

However, a recent move from Aerie is now being scrutinized by customers. Some customers have begun receiving free tape measures with their Aerie purchases. Aerie’s original intent was to give customers the tools to accurately measure their bra sizes.

For some, this action is especially helpful amid the coronavirus pandemic where customers are unable to go to their local Aerie and get their bra size measured. Some customers, however, think the inclusion of the tape measures with purchases goes against the company’s body positivity mission.

Sonia Weiser, a journalist, is one of the first to bring attention to Aerie’s latest move on Twitter.

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“Hey @Aerie, not sure if your free tape measure with your purchase goes with your body positivity campaign. I get that it’s for social distancing but you know who also loves tape measures? People who obsessively check their proportions because they have an eating disorder.”

Since sharing the tweet, Weiser learned that the tape measures are, in fact, to measure bra sizes. However, Weiser points out that customers don’t receive the tape measures until they’ve already made their purchases.

Alternatively, since stores are reopening across the country, Weiser thinks Aerie could just offer one-use paper tape measures for customers to use in-store.

“That doesn’t explain why you get the tape measure after the purchase though. They could have paper tape measures in the store for people to use then toss out.”

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Twitter user @Laurenjonik argues that some customers are still unable to visit Aerie locations. As well, the tape measures could encourage customers to make more purchases in the future.

“It is probably to encourage future purchases and to get the sizes correct. Most people can’t go to stores now.”

At this time, Aerie has not released a statement regarding the tape measure criticism received from customers.

Aerie has previously made tape measures available for customers. Right now, the company is selling a tape measure specifically to measure bra sizes on its website.

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