Saturday, August 17, 2019

AFI drop surprise new song, “Get Dark,” announce EP

We've got some good news AFI fans, the band is back with a new song (and EP!)

[Photo by Travis Delgado]

Following reports of AFI teasing something on their social media yesterday, fans have been on high alert for the band to actually announce something.

And announce something they did! Dropped today, AFI (with Davey Havok – more on that later), have gone dark with a brand new song and EP announcement! Check it out below!

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Yesterday, Oct. 25, we reported that the group had posted a new photo, sans frontman’s Davey Havok’s actual body, to their social media. The picture showed a cutout of Havok’s silhouette, but no further context was given.

Of course, the cryptic post sent fans into a panic. Thankfully, they didn’t leave us in suspense very long, and today, they’ve shared their first single since 2017’s AFI (The Blood Album), titled “Get Dark.”

According to AFI’s website, “Get Dark,” is the first single coming from their upcoming EP, the Missing Man, which is set to be released on Dec. 7.

You can preorder your copy of the album here!

Listen to the new song below!

The Missing Man EP Tracklist:
01. Trash Bat
02. Break Angels
03. Back Into The Sun
04. Get Dark
05. The Missing Man
The band’s new EP will mark fan’s first taste of new music since the group’s last LP, their 2017 self-titled effort, also known as The Blood Album. The album was the tenth album from the group, which formed back in 1991.Are you excited about AFI’s new music? What song are you most excited to listen to? Sound off in the comments below!

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