Yesterday was the seven year anniversary of the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and while most people have stopped playing and have even probably lost the Pokémon pedometer that came with the game, Twitter user Suica_pokeca didn't and after seven years has managed to max out the pedometer.

Check out what happens when you hit 9,999,999 steps below!

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Before Nintendo and Pokemon tried tricking us to actually get exercise with Pokémon GO, they tried getting us to go outside with a Pokéwalker pedometer. This Pokéwalker allowed you to catch certain Pokemon only in certain Pokéwalker-only areas, along with allowing players to link a Pokémon to their pedometer and gain experience for that Pokémon through steps.

What looks to be a simple toy is actually probably one of the best pedometers you'll ever use according to Iowa State University. The study found that the “Pokéwalker had substantially reduced step-counting error in the study compared to both a standard DigiWalker pedometer and a Sensewear armband,” back in 2011. Considering this study happened two years before the Fitbit Flex came out, the jury is still out on how'd it compare to a Fitbit. We both know which one looks cooler though.

It doesn't seem like Suica_pokeca would agree with this study however, considering he tweeted about why it took him so long to reach 9,999,999 steps. He cited that because he cycled while using it and instead of typically just walking, it didn't count his steps as accurately. He tweeted about how he'd cycle for thirty minutes yet, it wouldn't even give him 1,000 steps.

But you're here because you wanta find out what happens after you hit 9,999,999 steps.

Suica_pokeca was immediately greeted by a message on his Pokéwalker wishing him congratulations, while a message appeared on his Nintendo DS with the message, “You finally achieved 9,999,999 steps on your Pokéwalker!” He also received one Starf Berry for his trouble which can only be obtained by hitting 9,999,999 steps.

Suica_pokeca tweeted about this milestone along with talking about his personal journey while carrying the Pokéwalker for the last seven years, including a run-in with bagge inspection at the airport trying to figure out what it is. Of course Suica isn't the first to reach this milestone, we definitely think it's cool that he managed to hit it on the seventh birthday of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

He wanted to be the very best like no one ever was and he definitely did!