Following the terrorist attack in Orlando and tragic death of singer Christina Grimmie, Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace has spoken out in an interview with Rolling Stone. She discussed a variety of topics, including gun control and concert security.

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On her reaction to the recent tragedies:

“It's completely fucked up. It was the first thing I read this morning and—just terrifying. It was so fucking alarming between that and the shooting that happened with the singer from The Voice on Friday. Even going to the Bataclan in Paris, that just seeps into reality in this really fucking alarming way. You'd ideally want to think that venues and shows and clubs, places where people are going to dance and celebrating and enjoying life would be the safe place, but it's clearly not. To think that whatever crazy fucking religious wars or whatever wars are happening out there are leaking into those areas, it's so fucking terrifying.”

On gun control:

“[Guns] were such a part of the culture growing up. Same people who are telling you, 'Oh the government is trying to take away our guns,' are living in extremes where it's like, 'Don't you think this is fucking a little bit out of control that they have that fucking access to weapons?' And for what?”

On concert security:

“In a show environment, you're putting so much trust on everyone—venue, audience, everything. But it can't change. The only alternative to not doing shows, or having events or places like that, the idea of heightened security, of metal detectors or body scans before you can go into a place like that to enjoy yourself just seems so fucking New World Order and crazy to me, too. I don't know what the solution is, other than gun control, frankly. It's insane.”

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