[Photo by: millionsofdeadsimpsons/Instagram]

Both The Simpsons and great album artwork rank high on our list of favorite things, so combine the two, and you get something magical.

Luckily, the Instagram account Millions of Dead Simpsons did just that, recreating some of our favorite artwork with Simpsons characters, and honestly, it's incredible.

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Check out some of the best below:

Have Heart, Songs To Scream At The Sun:

Against Me!, New Wave:

AFI, All Hallow's E.P.:

Misfits, Walk Among Us:

The Descendents, Milo Goes To College:

Flogging Molly, Drunken Lullabies:

Tiger Army, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise:

Cro-Mags, The Age Of Quarrel:

Black Flag, Damaged:

What album cover would you want to see recreated with Simpsons characters? Sound off in the comments below!