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Over the past few weeks, a new TikTok trend with one of All Time Low‘s most popular songs at its center has gone viral.

Now, Alex Gaskarth has shared just what he thinks about this All Time Low song from 2007 finding a new audience on the video-sharing platform.

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Since its launch, TikTok has served us with some unforgettable viral trends that made us laugh, cry and question why we downloaded the app in the first place. Over the past few months, we’ve seen viral TikTok trends using various Paramore songs includingAll I Wantedand Fake Happy.” As well, Taylor Swift‘s folklore quickly went viral on TikTok after creatives began sharing their pop-punk renditions of some of her new songs.

Now, it’s All Time Low’s turn to be at the center of a new viral trend. Emo and pop-punk music listeners are using TikTok to show off their love for the scene’s music and also find other fans in the community.

Back in December, TikTok user @yungricepatty proved that liking this type of music isn’t a phase and shared his video featuring All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Since its release, the video has received over 2 million likes and nearly 8 million views.

The video helped kickstart the viral “it’s not a phase” TikTok trend where music listeners share videos of them belting the All Time Low classic that was released in 2007.

@yungricepattyin search of punk pop tiktok

♬ dear maria count me in – joel

@sagemartinglassettI always knew it was never a phase #fyp #foryou #emo #alttiktok #poppink #covers #emodominos #alltimelow #dearmaria♬ original sound – Sage

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@trashxm0uthMy jeans are tighter and my hair is even longer now. ##fyp ##fypシ ##beard ##tattoo ##punktokers ##music ##lipsync ##alltimelow ##dearmaria ##poppunk ##emo♬ dear maria count me in – joel

@_.suttonnn._@yungricepatty got me mad hype for no reason ##MyStyle ##BachelorReady ##dearmaria ##alltimelow♬ original sound – Sutton McAlister

@dylangwilliams15Ahhh the nostalgia ❤️❤️ ##dearmaria ##momitwasneveraphase ##fyp♬ original sound – Dylan G Williams

@daltonmauldin5it’s not a phase ✊🏾😔 ##ProjectCar ##fyp ##singing ##dearmaria ##jams♬ Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low

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Now, Alex Gaskarth has revealed just what he thinks of the viral trend. Earlier this week, he tweeted that he always knew “Dear Maria, Count Me In” would be a hit on TikTok….a decade before the platform even existed.

“I always knew Dear Maria would be a massive TikTok song when we wrote it in 2006.”

All Time Low have been pretty involved with this emerging trend on TikTok. Over the past few weeks, they’ve shared a few of the videos on social media.

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This latest TikTok trend isn’t the only All Time Low-related content to emerge on the video-sharing platform recently. Last month, TikTok user @janickthibault noticed a similarity between All Time Low’s “Summer Daze” and a The Used classic. However, it turns out Gaskarth knew about the similarity before many fans even noticed.

What are your reactions to the viral All Time Low TikTok trend? What is the best video you’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments below.