[Photo by: Ryan Watanabe]

Today, All Time Low are celebrating one year of “Dirty Laundry,” and Alex Gaskarth took to Twitter to thank fans for getting behind the track.

Of course, there's no denying that Last Young Renegade took the band in a new direction, and Gaskarth shares why it's so important to give bands and albums a second chance when, at first listen, it might not sound the same as their older stuff.

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One fan responded to Gaskarth's original tweet, saying they didn't quite like “Dirty Laundry” on first listen, but it's ended up being one of their favorites. And Gaskarth explains that it's important to not let expectations get in the way of liking a band's new music—especially since it can end up being your new favorite!

“It’s all perspective. I’ve said this a million times on first listen to some of my favorite songs/albums,” Gaskarth writes. “Expectation can be a helluva thing. Appreciate you giving it a second/third chance to stick.”

And fans have shared equally amazing replies to warming up to new music:

All Time Low will be heading out on a U.S. tour this spring in support of Last Young Renegade. And before hitting the U.S., the band will be headed on an epic tour in the U.K., where they'll be supported by Creeper and playing So Wrong, It's Right first—and then a full All Time Low show on top of that.

Check out their full list of U.S. cities and dates below!

04/06 – Fort Wayne, IN
04/07 – Peoria, IL
04/09 – Knoxville, TN
04/10 – Jacksonville, FL
04/11 – Columbia, SC
04/13 – Covington, KY
04/15 – Sioux Falls, SD
04/18 – Missoula, MT
04/19 – Boise, ID
04/20 – Reno, NV
04/21 – Chico, CA

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