A lot happens online in our scene each week. In an attempt to capture what you might have missed, we gather up noteworthy internet moments and package them in one convenient post every weekend. Check out this week's roundup below!

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1. Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low is dropping a new clothing line, and it's called “Fool Like Me”

They say they know better, when there's really no better way to be // Fools Like We – 7/5/16 @glamourkills pic.twitter.com/on3EYvpbaq

— Alexander William (@AlexAllTimeLow) July 1, 2016

AWG “Fools Like We” drops Tuesday 7/5 at 1pm EST. ������ get ready! @AlexAllTimeLow pic.twitter.com/DCP1RuuYWj

— Glamour Kills (@glamourkills) July 1, 2016

2. Halsey tweets Mayday Parade lyrics, and we, along with the internet, freak out

When she smiles, well it's got nothing to do with me. I'm not the one who sings her to sleep.

— h (@halsey) June 29, 2016

❤️❤️❤️❤️ @halsey

— Mayday Parade (@maydayparade) June 29, 2016

3. Aw, Twenty One Pilots

outdoor show in raleigh delayed. be safe during evacuation. we're doing our best to tidy up so the show can go on. pic.twitter.com/XnJ7DV5YNl

— twenty one pilots (@twentyonepilots) June 30, 2016

4. So many great Warped Tour pics coming in

Watching some @maydayparade ��: Mike Wilson pic.twitter.com/JpQqwPsvW8

— The Maine (@themaine) July 1, 2016

Here is a little sneak peak of how we built our setlist. Presented by @twix #summeroutloud #twix pic.twitter.com/EHEn7puaDH

— Mayday Parade (@maydayparade) July 1, 2016

Atlanta, GA #WarpedTour
�� Jordan Knight – Humans HQ pic.twitter.com/uS8ShiBJ7r

— Tonight Alive (@TonightAlive) July 1, 2016

@dereksteez pic.twitter.com/zFGpZ5yX1Y

— Derek DiScanio (@dereksteez) July 1, 2016

Thanks Atlanta! ��: @ryanvwatanabe pic.twitter.com/CbxYKqxfWT

— Sleeping With Sirens (@SWStheband) July 1, 2016

Warped's going well. Photo: @ElliottIngham pic.twitter.com/HWpfdzp9nC

— Knuckle Puck (@KnucklePuckIL) July 1, 2016


— The Maine (@themaine) June 30, 2016

We're doing signings at our merch tent every day on @vanswarpedtour. 2:15 today! It's been… https://t.co/h9a2sDXOxQ pic.twitter.com/3aGSfnYQWY

— Young Guns (@YoungGunsUK) June 29, 2016

Huge thanks to @maskedintruder1 for letting us use their kit on @VansWarpedTour when we were dumb dumbs. pic.twitter.com/raZY7YJP3G

— ROAM (@ROAMse) June 29, 2016

Pals ����

��: @ElliottIngham pic.twitter.com/X0xyLRGjGm

— ROAM (@ROAMse) June 28, 2016


— Not Awsten Knight (@awsten) June 28, 2016

5. Our favorite Warped Tour photo so far

Hey @State_Champs pic.twitter.com/9kimPOU2mc

— Real Friends (@realfriendsband) June 27, 2016

What the https://t.co/9lQep4l7oG

— HORDE DEATHGUARD (@RivalDiaz) June 27, 2016

@realfriendsband WHAT THE

— State Champs (@State_Champs) June 27, 2016



— tyler szalkowski (@tyszal) July 1, 2016

Goodnight. pic.twitter.com/dwZrrzZxym

— State Champs (@State_Champs) June 30, 2016

6. Celebrate Blink-182 day


Bout to rock @goodmorningamerica ����#California #Blink182 #AhYeah #Dface #NYC

A photo posted by travisbarker (@travisbarker) on Jul 1, 2016 at 4:10am PDT

Happy @blink182 day

— Moose Blood ♡ (@mooseblooduk) July 1, 2016

Giving this a spin this morning. Enjoying this record a lot so far. Love Skiba. pic.twitter.com/bCsMO6iH27

— Ben Langford-Biss (@benasitis) July 1, 2016

Happy @blink182 day everyone ��

— dan bratton (@danbratton) July 1, 2016

Here it is: Our review of @blink182's new album https://t.co/Svrv3dUt9W pic.twitter.com/7GXPUlqyKi

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) June 30, 2016

7. Dear Beartooth, you're awesome. Love, AP.

❤️�������� pic.twitter.com/PuqwE28UXU

— Beartooth (@BEARTOOTHband) June 29, 2016

8. Chrissy Constanza from Against The Current as Tony Diaz from State Champs

Me as @RivalDiaz pic.twitter.com/lEit64z1bO

— Chrissy Costanza (@ChrissyCostanza) July 1, 2016

I don't know how to FEEL https://t.co/1d18MGymTO

— HORDE DEATHGUARD (@RivalDiaz) July 1, 2016

9. Will Gould from Creeper's cat (this is important)


— William (@willghould) June 30, 2016

10. Have some fun with your camera at Warped, friends!

I love @VansWarpedTour@KevinLyman lets you bring your DSLR! Even if you don't have a press pass! pic.twitter.com/zR3XOcHpvu

— Adam Elmakias (@elmakias) June 30, 2016

11. Roam (Romé) and With Confidence at it again

Dear @withconfidence_
We stole your tape
Love romé

— ROAM (@ROAMse) June 30, 2016

@withconfidence_ lol pic.twitter.com/GlZGnbiZR4

— ROAM (@ROAMse) June 30, 2016

12. Did you know that Gaskarth helped write Set It Off's new (awesome) jam?

Woo! @SetItOff shot a video for the song we wrote together. Go peep it https://t.co/bQ3jHLqVGC I'm dancin' pic.twitter.com/ymzUJcYhkq

— Alexander William (@AlexAllTimeLow) June 30, 2016

13. Remember this music video? Flashback to Warped Tour-era Echosmith

#TBT “Talking Dreams music video. pic.twitter.com/Zj5YbX4zM2

— ECHOSMITH (@echosmith) July 1, 2016

14. According to all you lovely people on Twitter, these are your favorite albums of 2016 so far

Here are the top 5 albums of 2016 so far, as chosen by you: https://t.co/lzlFbvAVvb pic.twitter.com/dEIbJDDQFk

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) June 29, 2016

What has been your favorite album of 2016 so far? Tell us why! pic.twitter.com/vsWrKdmiWN

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) June 28, 2016

15. Yes, goodDYEyoung! Hayley Williams was at Warped Tour in Nashville, too

Happy to have @gooddyeyoung out on #VansWarpedTour today in Nashville. pic.twitter.com/AVsIigP1PC

— Vans Warped Tour (@VansWarpedTour) June 29, 2016


16. Wow, what a great day

We kinda met @slipknot. pic.twitter.com/C90MqFhOpJ

— Real Friends (@realfriendsband) June 29, 2016



.@Sum41 release first single from comeback album—listen https://t.co/5a70SSdsG1 pic.twitter.com/WjxYlIkINH

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) June 29, 2016


IT’S COMING!https://t.co/GGwgUeWiTT

— Sum 41 (@Sum41) June 29, 2016


18. Anyone wanna fly to Los Angeles with me sometime this summer?

Having no fun at all with these dudes @theriffla. Come hang every Friday night this summer! https://t.co/08VVFBVlrc pic.twitter.com/FR9gM9IucC

— Nah, Dales. (@brianlogandales) June 29, 2016


19. Did someone say NEW Neck Deep in the works?!

Day 3. Well under way. pic.twitter.com/EiVo1t5C9t

— Neck Deep (@NeckDeepUK) June 28, 2016


20. We love it, Hayley!

2 things: 1-I've been tryin to draw T for yrs & this is the best one so far. 2- He is killing it on our new songs.�� pic.twitter.com/XerR6VXEHl

— hayley from Paramore (@yelyahwilliams) June 27, 2016


What's your favorite moment from the past week? What'd we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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