bring me the horizon bmth 2019

Alexandra Palace has taken to Twitter to clarify “inaccurate information” in regards to the amount of security staff present during a fan’s passing at a Bring Me The Horizon concert.

BMTH played the Alexandra Palace Nov. 30 where it was reported that a fan had died while attending the show.

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Bring Me The Horizon took to Twitter to release a statement after hearing about the young fan’s death.

The venue released a statement the next day, confirming that a “medical incident” did occur.

Shortly after, BMTH fans began accusing the venue of having inadequate security staff for the 10,000 capacity venue.

The venue took to Twitter today to “address inaccurate information” regarding staffing rumors:

“Following the above statement, we would like to clarify that this was a tragic medical incident and unrelated to the extensive security measures in place. However, we feel we must address inaccurate information. There were over 150 security personnel on site for the concert.”

A spokesperson for Alexandra Palace also told The Independent, “Alexandra Palace has an experienced events team with security and full medical team stationed throughout the site. We work closely with our local authority, licensing and the emergency services to ensure that regulations and requirements relating to the planning of an event are always executed to a high standard.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson tells Blabbermouth the first medic arrived at the Bring Me The Horizon show cwithin three minutes, and the fan died at the scene.

It is still unclear how the fan died, and no further information is available at this time.