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Alex Gaskarth has best reaction to baby “mosh pit” set to All Time Low

"Some Kind Of Disaster" is All Time Low's first new music in over a year.

January 24, 2020
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Don’t worry, All Time Low and AltPress have got you covered for your daily dose of internet cuteness. Yesterday on Twitter, a user posted a video of three children absolutely vibing to All Time Low’s newest track “Some Kind Of Disaster.” It’s a rather brief clip but one that is entirely worth watching just for the end.

“Some Kind Of Disaster” dropped on Jan. 21 after All Time Low teased the release for a couple of weeks. It is their first new music in over a year.

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All Time Low’s “Some Kind Of Disaster” is a certified hit. The punchy, anthemic rock track is three minutes and 44 seconds of music to dance to. It only makes sense that even those who don’t technically know All Time Low can’t help but groove.

On Jan. 23 an ATL fan took to Twitter to show off three babies moving and grooving. We seem them bouncing up and down doing that adorable dance that babies do. One gets a little too into it and opens up the pit.

Alex Gaskarth replied with a very appropriate comment given the end of the video.

One user even pointed out a past tweet of Gaskarth’s in reference to the video.

This has serious potential to be the cutest mosh pit ever.

More All Time Low

As stated, “Some Kind Of Disaster is All Time Low’s first new music in over a year. The teasers started in early January. On Jan. 8, the band uploaded a mysterious panda-filled video and then deleted it the following day.

With blacked-out profile pictures for the band account and each member, they first shared a video of the “Birthday” music video panda setting fire to a Last Young Renegade jacket, suggesting the end of their most recent era started in 2017.

Exactly one week later, the band uploaded a second video that sparked even more theories concerning a possible new era.

That clip begins with the 2009 Nothing Personal era skull logo (which each member has inked) before glitching to the 2015 Future Hearts logo and then fading to black.

One teaser a week added more details and then on Jan. 20 they dropped a final teaser.

The tweet included a link that took you to a YouTube video that aired at 12 a.m EST Jan. 21. The video was All Time Low’s new song “Some Kind of Disaster.”

The video starts with Alex Gaskarth asking where a particular something is before getting cut off with the answer. We see a group therapy session sitting in a circle and watch as the band works through therapy with others struggling alongside them. Check it out below.

What do you think of the baby mosh pit? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Koltan Greenwood