Amazon's Alexa
[Photo via Pixabay]

If you thought Alexa was weird, fear not, it’s about to get worse. And it’s not because the devices are going to start laughing at you again.

Amazon reportedly has patented a new version of the device that can tell you when you’re sick

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Ok, so we’re not against Alexa. It has some really cool features, such as figuring out which concerts you should go to. An integration with Bandsintown lets the device search upcoming artist shows and concerts in the area, which makes our lives easier.

However, the glitch that made some devices laugh randomly, and during inappropriate moments, got us a little worried. Amazon fixed it, so it was all good and we were almost over it until now.

The Telegraph is sharing that the company has patented new version of Alexa that has some weird features. Such as? It knows when you’re sick. Reportedly, the feature could analyze speech, as well as other signs of illness, such as coughing and sniffling.

The newspaper shared that the patent mentions an example of a woman talking coughing while talking to Alexa. The device “suggests some chicken soup to cure her cold, and then offers to order cough drops on Amazon.”

Plus, it’s also supposed to interpret your emotions, which means it would know if someone’s bored or tired by their voice, and then suggest something to do.

It might be too much for us, but what do you think? Would you like Alexa to suggest you some medicine or activities? Sound off in the comments below!