American Horror Story, Sabrina
[Photo by: American Horror Story/20th Century Fox; Sabrina/YouTube]

Is there a connection between Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and American Horror Story?

The answer is: We have no idea, but maybe.

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According to a post by Buzzfeed, one American Horror Story: Coven character might have gotten a nod in the Netflix show.

At some point in the series, Aunt Hilda references their cousin Montgomery, who is a movie star. Remember?

Well, according to the website, this could be a reference to two people with the same last name, one is a real person and the other, a character. The reference could to Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha in Bewitched.

However, it could also be a nod a nod to Emma Roberts’ character in AHS: Coven, Madison Montgomery.

Which one do you think is more plausible? Sound off in the comments!

Sabrina and Riverdale

This is not the only nod from Sabrina to other shows. A crossover between the Netflix show and The CW‘s Riverdale seems to be making a lot of people confused. Including the actor who bridges the curious crossover in the first place, Moses Thiessen.

His character Ben Button coming to Sabrina quells some other crossover confusion, plenty of questions about the TV team-up remain.

Viewers were naturally surprised when Sabrina‘s first season came with a pizza delivered by Riverdale‘s Ben, the persona magically crossing some divide. (Especially since he pushed himself off a window ledge and ended up in a coma on Riverdale.) But does that mean Chilling Adventures takes place before the events of Riverdale?

“I don’t know,” Thiessen says. “I think possibly it could be two different universes, same Ben kind of thing. But I have no idea. That would be my best guess, just because I almost kinda died in both shows, and it would be weird to die twice.”

Of course, Sabrina was originally intended as a Riverdale spinoff, so maybe the showrunners are just mixing it up just for fun.

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