San Diego alternative rock band Anakin are sharing a new song that serves as an a-side to their cover of the Smashing Pumpkins' “Rocket.” Titled “Sun-Kissed,” the band's newest single brings to mind a heavy, grungy version of fellow Southern California rock mainstays Lit with a hint of 311 thrown in for good measure. You can stream “Sun-Kissed” below and purchase it and the b-side cover through No Sleep Records' Bandcamp.

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Of the track, drummer Brad Chancellor says, “This one was basically a happy accident. The new album had already been written and we were deep into those demos but the itch wouldn’t stop. 'Sun-Kissed' was literally written on a whim. We didn’t initially think it would be released because we had so many other commitments at the time but once it was mixed and mastered we were pretty much convinced it had to be unleashed. You can tell by the lyrics that it’s a simple SoCal love tune but the music has a heavier vibe and when those two elements are combined I lose my mind.