Anberlin have launched pre-orders for Vital (Special Edition) with most packages shipping on Oct. 10. They'll embark on a co-headlining tour with the Maine supported by Lydia and From Indian Lakes this fall.

The sprawling deluxe release extends the album, adds a disc of remixes and a live set from Brooklyn, NY. View the track listing as follows:

Vital Special Edition (CD1):
01) Self-Starter
02) Little Tyrants
03) Other Side
04) City Electric
05) Someone Anyone
06) Unstable
07) Intentions
08) Innocent
09) Dead American
10) Desires
11) Said Too Much
12) IJSW
13) Type Three
14) No Love To Speak
15) Orpheum
16) Safe Here
17) Modern Age
18) God, Drugs, & Sex

Devotion (CD2: The Vital Remixes):
01) Someone Anyone (Spacebrother)
02) Desires (Spacebrother)
03) God, Drugs, & Sex (Resist Temptation)
04) Innocent (Joseph Milligan)
05) Intentions (Joseph Milligan)
06) Little Tyrants (Joseph Mulligan)
07) Other Side (Celebrated Heroes)
08) Self-Starter (JT Daly)
09) Said Too Much (Joseph Mulligan)
10) Orpheum (JT Daly)
11) Type Three (Leverage Models)
12) Unstable (Nick Rad)
13) Modern Age

Devotion (DVD: Live From The Music Hall Of Williamsburg):
01) Take Me (As You Found Me) (Live)
02) A Day Late (Live)
03) Inevitable (Live)
04) Type Three (Live)
05) Breaking (Live)
06) Alexithymia (Live)
07) Dismantle. Repair. (Live)
08) I'd Like To Die (Live)
09) Down (Live)
10) The Unwinding Cable Car (Live)
11) Feel Good Drag (Live)
12) Naive Orleans (Live)
13) Impossible (Live)