Circa Survive announce a fall headlining tour

This week, Anthony Green finally let fans know what his favorite Circa Survive album is.

However, you may have a hard time listening to it.

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Like so many other bands in 2020, Circa Survive saw all of their plans come to a halt amid the coronavirus pandemic. Their highly-anticipated Blue Sky Noise anniversary tour has been postponed along with other plans they may have hoped to accomplish this year.

Nevertheless, Green has spent a lot of time chatting to fans on social media. Along with tweeting about the recent U.S. election, he has had plenty of sassy responses about his life without touring.

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Now, Green has officially revealed his favorite Circa Survive album, but fans shouldn’t get too excited yet. On Tuesday, a fan asked the frontman (in a now-deleted tweet) what his favorite Circa Survive release is. In natural Green fashion, his response caused a frenzy within the band’s fanbase who are anxiously waiting for new music.

“The one you haven’t heard yet,” he tweets.

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Shortly after sending the tweet, however, Green backtracked a little. To the disappointment of many fans, Green confirmed that Circa Survive haven’t actually written the new album yet.

“I guess I should’ve said the one we haven’t written yet.”

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So far, Green hasn’t revealed any concrete details about a new Circa Survive album. Back in 2018, Circa Survive released the deluxe edition of their latest album The Amulet which features “Lustration,” “Dark Pools” and “Flesh and Bone.” Despite the fact that only two years have gone by since its release, it’s clear Circa Survive fans are already eager to hear some new material.

In the meantime, Green has been staying busy in other ways including his “Songsplainations” series on Patreon. Last month, he shared just how Circa Survive’s hit “Living Together” came to be.

Circa Survive still have plans to embark on their Blue Sky Noise anniversary tour at the start of 2021 with Gouge Away. The tour kicks off in Cleveland on Jan. 14 and tickets are available here.

Are you ready to hear a new album from Circa Survive? What do you want their new music to sound like? Let us know in the comments below.