Our 300th issue has arrived, and we've done something very special to celebrate. We paired up with Gerard Way, former vocalist of recently disbanded My Chemical Romance to revisit their first cover story, which has been sold-out for years. 

Way took the issue into his own hands and turned it into an art project, featuring his original visual work as well as a short fictional story that you can read exclusively in AP. 

Pre-order bundles are available now and include a  limited edition 11×14 print of the classic MCR archway shot from issue #197, both as it ran in 2004 and modified by Way with the text, “EVERYTHING IS LOVE.” Copies of the issue with cover modifications by Gerard are available only to subscribers and those who pre-order. Prints are limited to 250 each, so act fast to secure yours.

But, that's not all!

We also introduce our new, smaller, thicker “book-a-zine” format with AP 300 and have exclusive features on Of Mice & Menthe Maine and Man Overboard