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Apple Music and American Airlines are partnering up to offer users free streaming on flights. Subscribers won’t need to pay for wi-fi while flying to listen to music, podcasts or watch videos on the service.

The partnership starts on Friday, Feb. 1, on flights that offer high-speed wi-fi.

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If you have Apple Music, you won’t have to worry about downloading music and podcasts before getting on a plane—at least on American Airlines flights. The two companies are partnering up for an incredible deal.

Starting Friday, Feb. 1, Apple Music users can use the airline’s wi-fi to stream music, podcasts and videos without paying for it. According to Billboard, 455 out of 800 American Airline’s domestic planes currently have Viasat satellite wi-fi, so most users will have access to the deal.

“With the addition of Apple Music on American flights, we are excited that customers can now enjoy their music in even more places,” Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music, shared in a statement. “Subscribers can stream all their favorite songs and artists in the air, and continue to listen to their personal library offline, giving them everything they need to truly sit back, relax and enjoy their flight.”

To use the service, customers need to connect to the American Airlines wi-fi, then go to to enable it. Next step is opening the Apple Music app, and you’re all set. Users who don’t have a subscription can sign up onboard and receive free access for three months.

The only catch of the new deal is the wi-fi will only work for Apple Music, so flyers will still have to pay for the service if they want to use other apps.

You can check an ad for the service below:

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