Genius lyrics spotify on Apple Music
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Genius and Apple Music today announce an exciting partnership for lyrics lovers. Pairing the website’s database of songs lyrics with thousands of tunes on the streaming service, you can now read Genius lyrics in-app on Apple Music.

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The site once known as Rap Genius has grown to become the de facto leader of lyrics outposts. Now, corporate synergy brings the music and lyrics together for an experience heralded by Genius’ chief strategy officer Ben Gross.

“Being able to read lyrics and annotations on Genius while you listen along on Apple Music is a dream,” he says. “We’re proud to make Apple Music our official music player, and we’re doubly excited to bring Genius lyrics to their amazing platform.”

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Further, Apple Music is now the official player for Genius, as noted by The Verge. That means Apple subscribers logged into the service who visit the Genius website will be able to play a selection directly from the song’s lyric page.


Not to mention, it looks like Spotify users also have a little bit of Genius shteez. Some of the Genius’ database of lyrics can be accessed in-app, there, as well. It’s part of a partnership called Behind The Lyrics that began back in 2016.

What do you think of the collaboration between Genius and Apple Music? Are you excited to read some songs lyrics while you listen to your favorite tunes? Sound off in the comments section, below, and let us know your favorite song lyrics!

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