Bagel emoji
[Photo via Apple]

Apple is releasing a new version of the bagel emoji after users were unsatisfied about the original design.

Can you guess what people complained about?

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The bagel design was announced back in February, along with 157 other emojis. However, many users weren’t happy with the results when it dropped.

Per Emojipedia, the emoji didn’t look right without filling. More specifically, cream cheese.

Mashable caught up with Emojipedia’s CEO, Jeremy Burge, who explained people “didn’t think it looked sufficiently appealing.” Who? Well, mostly New Yorkers.

So, Apple heard the complains and changed the bagel emoji design ahead of the release of iOS 12.1. It now looks more similar to how people actually eat it.

“The new bagel with cream cheese filling certainly does look tastier in the way that it’s ready to eat. No-one eats a bagel without some kind of spread or filling,” Burge tells Mashable.

Well, problem solved.

As for other emoji news, redheads are finally being represented, as well as bald and curly haired folks. The new emojis are now available with iOS 12.1 public beta.

To get them, you should start by backing up your phone. You can do this while on wifi through the iCloud. Go to settings, select your device, then press iCloud Backup and finally, “Back Up Now.”

Next, enroll in Apple’s Beta software program. Enter your Apple ID when prompted and then download your profile onto your device.

Finally, you will want to update your device. After the update completes, you should be able to access the new emojis.

Once the emojis come out for everybody, you can also delete yourself from the public beta by removing your public beta profile. Yup, it’s that easy.

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