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Earlier this year, our nostalgia took a major hit when we learned that Apple would be phasing out iTunes. We soon learned that the 18-year-old music program would be replaced with standalone versions of their Music, Podcasts and TV apps for Mac users on the next version of macOS.

Now, we’re saying so long and goodnight to iTunes as the latest Mac update begins the official phase-out.

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The Mac update, titled Catalina, launched Oct. 7 with Apple Music subscribers noticing their iTunes music store was no longer visible.

Instead, it’s now replaced by Mac’s new Music app, which currently holds the old iTunes logo.

Apple Music subscribers will no longer see the iTunes store unless they restore it within their settings. For those not subscribed to Apple Music, they’ll see the store as a tab with different ways to sign-up for the service.

While average users will see their previous iTunes files sorted into one of the three new apps, Apple is warning DJs not to install the Catalina update just yet.

According to Billboard, Catalina does not currently save XML data, otherwise known as the organizational metadata that allows DJs to place songs into specific setlists and folders.

Setlists are imported into DJ software such as Traktor and Rekordbox. However, the new update will take their organized lists and turn them into an unorganized mess.

Per reports, Apple is aware of the issue and currently working on a solution. Until then, the company warns DJs to avoid installing the Catalina update.

It’s a lot to take in, especially after the rollercoaster of emotions Apple has put us on with the demise of iTunes and the release of a new iPod Touch.

How do you feel about the official phase-out of iTunes? Sound off in the comments below!

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