[Photo by: Apple Event/YouTube]

Apple has just announced that you will now be able to control emojis with your face with the upcoming iPhone X, and it's seriously amazing.

“You can’t customize emojis; they only have a limited amount of expressiveness to them. So our team created something called Animoji,” the apple team announced during their special reveal event.

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The animoji, or animated emoji, uses the iPhone’s Face ID technology to track more than 50 facial muscle movements, allowing you to control the different emoji characters. There are a dozen to choose from, including a pink unicorn and an alien, and we can't wait to give them a go (even if they are a bit creepy…).

Twitter, on the other hands, had different feelings about it:

This announcement comes after a string of new iPhone reveals today, from wireless charging to better camera technology—and not to mention those 25-percent-louder speakers.

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