Apple is denying a recent report that it plans to shut down its recently acquired streaming service Beats Music.

“Several prominent employees” told TechCrunch that Apple will discontinue Beats Music, which was acquired by the company in May.

Now, Apple has come out and said that TC’s report “is not true” and told Re/code that they “may, however, modify [Beats Music] over time, and one of those changes could involved changing the Beats Music brand.” This does not rule out the idea that Beats Music could be absorbed into iTunes.

Read more from TechCrunch:

“Considering Apple’s penchant for simple, unified brands, and how it despises fragmentation, shutting down Beats Music makes a lot of sense. Running a second music service in parallel with iTunes that forces people to learn a whole new interface might have confused customers. Beats Music’s CEO Ian Rogers was also put in charge of iTunes Radio, meaning he’s already splitting his time rather than just focusing on Beats Music.”