[Image: TechCrunch]

The score of a long-waged legal war between Apple Inc. and Apple Corps, the multimedia company founded by members of The Beatles, has fallen in the favor of technology giant again today.

According to Mashable, “the Canadian IP Office has disclosed that [Apple Corps'] logo has become a registered trademark of Apple Inc.,” after the company filed with European Trademarks Office to acquire it in March, 2011.

The epic Apple vs. Apple battles began as early as the 1970s when Apple Records (Apple Corps) first filed a lawsuit against Apple Computers (Apple Inc.). In 2007, Apple Inc. acquired all the trademarks to “Apple,” excepting the Apple Corps logo…until now.

Man alive, if only they had known what a behemoth little Apple Computers would become. You have to admit, Apple Corps is a clever name. Shame.