[Photo by: WIRED/Twitter]

Apple is still answering questions about their practice of slowing down older iPhones to preserve battery life.

After guaranteeing that everyone with an iPhone 6 or newer whose battery needed replacement would get a $50 discount for the service, the company is further explaining the eligibility criteria.

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Before the service is done, every iPhone goes through an official diagnostic test, which shows if the battery able to retain 80 percent of its original capacity.

Because of that, users were wondering if they would have to pay full-price for the battery replacement, in case their phones “passed” the test.

However, Apple confirmed to MacRumors it will replace all eligible batteries for $29, regardless of the results.

The website also noted reports suggest that customers who already paid the original $79 price to have their batteries replaced before the change can received a refund from Apple upon request.

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