Can you imagine a world without apps?

Apple did just that in a shockingly funny video that premiered at the annual World Wide Developers Conference on Monday.

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Created by Tom Kuntz, the director of comical spots for Old Spice and DirecTV, the short film posits a dystopian scenario where a software engineer accidentally shuts down all of Apple's app servers, resulting in app-less chaos worldwide. (via Creativity)

When was the last time you used a physical map instead of a GPS app for directions? Would you be able to handle it now? Check out some of the hilarious scenes from the “Appocalypse” video and watch the full thing below.

The post-apocalyptic, IRL App Store

A world without apps apparently has a veritable swap meet as an App Store!

Face Swap as a surgical procedure

This is just plain scary. And, we're guessing, not easily reversible.

Manually distributing selfies

“Selfies? Anybody? Selfies?”

Shouting hashtags at passersby

How else would anyone know you ate a whole pizza by yourself?

In-person Tinder

Remember meeting people in person? Looks like that'd make a comeback.

Literal Candy Crush

Too easy; still funny.

FarmVille as… well, pretty much just a petting zoo

Playing FarmVille would essentially just mean you're a farmer now.

What would you do in a world without apps?

Watch the full “Appocalypse” video here: