Two months after Apple announced it was killing the iPod Classic, the tough-as-nails MP3 player is now selling on eBay for up to four times its original price, the Guardian reports. So it might be time to find that dusty thing in your closet and sell it (or keep it forever, because it's perfect).

The classic version has double the storage capacity of any current generation iPods. “Versions of the 160GB Classic – which can hold around 40,000 songs – are being sold as new via Amazon for up to £670 (around $1050),” says the Guardian. “More than 3,000 of the models have been sold on eBay since the Classic was retired in October.” Even older and refurbished models are going for high prices.

A quick Amazon search for “iPod Classic” shows most models selling for over $400. Still, the cheaper 80GB models are selling for reasonable prices eBay.

When the 160GB iPod Classic was axed in September, Apple’s 128GB iPhone became their mobile device with the largest hard drive. The largest iPod Touch hard drive is 64GB. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company no longer had access to the components necessary to build the Classic.

According to the Independent, “Even the hard drives in Apple’s laptops have been gradually shrinking. The base Macbook Air has only 128GB of flash storage, less than in latest version of the iPod Classic.”