Architects have been getting some hate for canceling their appearance at Metaldays this year. Understandably, people who were excited to see them were pretty bummed out about the cancelation.

However, drummer Dan Searle took to Twitter to share another perspective.

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Here's what he had to say:

Dan appears to be referencing the handful of tours and shows that the band had to cancel last year while his brother and guitarist Tom Searle battled cancer before passing away last August.

He continues:

We think Searle has a point. After going through so much in the last few years the last thing Architects need is hate from their fans. (We also think they probably do deserve that vacation in the sun.)

Hopefully next time our favorite band has to cancel a show we'll remember that they're only human, too.

What do you think about bands canceling shows? Sound off in the comments below.

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