Kaddisfly robbed!

October 31, 2005
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Hopeless Records band Kaddisfly were robbed recently while on tour in Florida. Their statement:


That’s right… we’ve had all of our music equipment, all of our merchandise, all of our clothes, some skateboards and a fishing rod stolen. We now know how it feels to have no home and nothing to our name, because everything we had was in the trailer… it was our home. We are in Florida at the moment… and there are a few unknown individuals with a hot trailer that have some very bad karma coming their way. We are now trying to regroup and figure out our next move in this massive chess game. Unfortunately we probably will not be completing the rest of the tour because we have nothing to play shows with. We tallied up our total loss and it is right around $40,000… we don’t even know where to begin. We’ve been playing together for five years, and have lived without a house for almost two. We’ve saved every penny for everything in that trailer, and now it’s gone. We’ve set up a pay-pal account for donations… if anyone has a spare dollar or fifty cents to spare… we wouldn’t even ask, but we’re so broke that at this point its going to take a while to become a functioning band again, and we have new jams to work on. Here’s the account: [email protected] We appreciate every one of you… there are a lot bigger deals going on in the world right now… but for these five gentlemen, Kaddisfly = Life . We still have our music, prepare to set sail… God bless."

Due to the loss, the band have had to cancel all upcoming dates with Tourmaline, Look What I Did and Near Miss until further notice.

Written by Nicole Rork

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