A follow-up to today's earlier story about Fenix TX's impending live album, Purple Reign In Blood, it has been announced that Prince himself is suing the band over the disc's cover art [viewable here]. The original pressing of the CD, scheduled to go on sale this Tuesday, Nov. 8, will still be available, but as of Nov. 18, the original version will be pulled from stores and replaced with a version with new, yet-to-be-determined cover art. A statement from frontman Will Salazar about the whole incident:

"Fenix TX….Purple Reign and Blood

Had originally planned to use for our last album “Lechuza”, our label at the time, MCA, did not think the title fit, they did not think anyone would get it.

The meaning behind “Purple Reign and Blood” is Fenix TX’s message of bridging the musical gap between to completely different styles of music; i.e. Molding Rock with Pop!

Our influences have such a vast range….if you think about Purple Rain, by Prince…(which we love) there is not a whole lot of people that listen to Prince and are Slayer fans at the same time. We do ….we love both artists! So that is how we came up the name."

Deep, huh? Regardless, Purple Reign In Blood will go on sale Nov. 8, but if you can't find an original-art copy, don't fret: We here at Alternative Press will be giving some of these collectible versions away in the near future, so keep checking back!