Hot on the heels of releasing their debut full-length, Sleepwalker, the dynamic duo of Jamison Covington and Parker Case, known together as JamisonParker, have split. Covington's statement, posted on the group's website:

"the band is officially broken up. i apologize for not posting this sooner but in all honesty this is the first chance that i've had. as far as reasoning goes, i felt that it was time to move on. there will be new music, new bands, and more touring in the near future… just not together and not as jamisonparker. i want to thank everyone who bought the album, stole the album, wore the shirts, came to shows, sent us emails, spread the word, and just allowed the music to become a part of your life. i can't put into words how much i appreciate every day that you all helped this band stay alive. i can only hope to have that same support in the future. thanks again…. see you soon…. "

There is no word on either member's new projects, but once AP hears more, we'll let you know.