The currently hibernating Blink-182, having released their Greatest Hits CD two weeks ago, are debuting the music video for "Not Now," one of two previously unreleased songs on Greatest Hits, today at Yahoo! Music. You can check the video out here (but non-Windows/Internet Explorer users, be prepared for some frustration).

While Blink are on indefinite hiatus currently, the members are currently exploring other projects. Guitarist/singer Tom Delonge is preparing his new band, Angels And Airwaves, for their first release; bassist/singer Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker are currently working on the debut LP from their new group, Plus-44; Barker is also a member of Transplants alongside "Skinhead" Rob Aston and Rancid's Tim Armstrong, although that group also appears to be on hiatus after cancelling their fall tour plans, citing Armstrong suffering from exhaustion.