Recently reunited Chicago pop-punk act Smoking Popes have announced plans to release a live CD/DVD via Victory Records on Feb. 28, 2006. The audio and video are both taken from the band's reunion show Nov. 11 at the Metro in Chicago as a part of Flower15 festival. The tracklisting for the currently untitled live disc is as follows; no word on any DVD extras yet:

1. Ramblin’ Rose (intro)

2. Off My Mind

3. No More Smiles

4. Gotta Know Right Now

5. Midnight Moon

6. Paul

7. Rubella

8. Don’t Be Afraid

9. Mrs. You and Me

10. Writing a Letter

11. Megan

12. Surf

13. Before I’m Gone

14. Just Broke Up

15. Stars

16. You Spoke To Me

17. On The Shoulder

18. Need You Around

19. Pretty Pathetic

20. Ramblin’ Rose (outro)

21. Pure Imagination

22. I Know You Love Me

23. Brand New Hairstyle

The band also plan on touring in support of the release, with a Midwestern tour scheduled from Feb. 22 to March 12. Victory band Bayside will open all shows. The only confirmed date thus far is the tour kickoff on Feb. 22 at the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis; once the official routing is released, we will bring it to you.