Capitol Records band the F-Ups have broken up. Lead singer Travis Allen posted the following message on the blog of the band's MySpace page, explaining the Minnesota street-punk quartet's demise:

"fisrt off, as you all know we havent been touring or posting new songs on our site due to the falling apart of the line up….The Fuck Ups was and only will be the original four. We did try out new people, but it was a totally different situation. I guess the chemistry between everyone changed which meant, so did the music. With the music starting to head in a different direction, and also with the loss of Andy the record lable started to "re-think" their investment in us……Which isnt their fault. You have to understand a label no matter what size is a buisiness. You have to cut your losses. So they did. There are abso-fucking-lutly NO hard feelings so none of you should have any towards the label….."

The band, technically together since 1999, released their self-titled debut album in July 2004 and completed a handful of tours in the following months but did little else since the start of 2005. In the wake of the band's dissolution, Allen and guitarist Chris deWerd have announced plans to move to Las Vegas and form a new band, which will play "more rock-oriented songs," according to Allen.