In our continuing coverage of the death of Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert, it’s nice to bring a piece of good news to the table, no matter how small: The remaining members of the band have pledged to carry on in Calvert’s memory.

The band, along with Calvert’s widow, Ashley, sat down with MTV News last night to discuss Calvert’s life, the circumstances surrounding his death and their future plans. In the video below, the band re-affirm that Calvert’s death was not drug-related; they also discuss Calvert’s mother calling them as they drove home from Washington, D.C., and making them promise to continue the band because "that’s what Casey would’ve wanted." The band also said they would not replace him, with drummer Eron Bucciarelli commenting, "We don’t need another guitarist. We don’t need another screamer. If the fans want screaming, they can provide it themselves."

Casey Calvert will be laid to rest this Friday in Middletown, Ohio. His family suggests that memorial donations be made to the Animal Friends Humane Society in his name.